Minor in Biblical Interpretation

Minor in Biblical Interpretation with BA program

Delivery Method: Online or On campus


Students who desire to increase their ability to interpret the Bible beyond the skills acquired in the normal curriculum of the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry may opt to complete a minor in biblical interpretation.     

Program Objectives:  Students who complete the minor in biblical interpretation will be able to:

  1. Describe the historical, cultural, and theological setting from which the Bible came.
  2. Translate, with the use of lexical aids, the Greek New Testament.
  3. Use resources based on the Greek text of the New Testament.
  4. Demonstrate exegetical proficiency when dealing with the biblical text (especially the New Testament).
  5. Explain the major theological themes and/or emphases of the various books in the Bible.

Requirements for completion of the Minor in Biblical Interpretation

The Minor in Biblical Interpretation consists of 19 units.  In addition to the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in 

Christian Ministry, students must complete the following specific courses to fulfill the requirements for the Minor in Biblical Interpretation:

Old Testament Theology 3 units
New Testament Theology  3 units
History of the Ancient Near East 3 units
Beginning Greek I 5 units
Beginning Greek II 5 units


Completing the Minor in Biblical Interpretation reduces a student’s elective units from 31 to 12.