Minor in Psychology

Minor in Psychology with BA program

Delivery Method: Online or On campus


Students completing the minor in psychology will learn the fundamentals of human thought, human emotions, and human actions. This allows for more effective interaction on both personal and professional levels by engendering a better understanding of oneself and other people.  In addition, it will enhance the formation and development of healthy relationships. This makes the minor in psychology a valuable complement to the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry.       

Program Objectives:  Students who complete the minor in psychology will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a knowledge base of human behavior across the broad areas of psychology.
  2. Explain the major theoretical approaches and findings in psychology.
  3. Identify major contributors to the development of psychological theories and methods.
  4. Display preliminary effectiveness in counseling from a Christian/pastoral perspective.
  5. Relate the theories and findings of psychological study to the teachings of the Bible.

Requirements for completion of the Minor in Psychology

Prerequisite:  Introduction to Psychology (or its equivalent) is a prerequisite for all courses in the psychology minor.

Requirements:  The Minor in Psychology consists of five 3 unit courses.  In addition to the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry, students must complete the following specific courses to fulfill the requirements for the Minor in Psychology:

 Human Development (Required) 3 units
Abnormal Psychology (Required) 3 units

Electives:  Choose the remaining three 3-unit courses from the following:

Adolescent Development 3 units
Theories of Personality 3 units
Child Development 3 units
Marriage and Family Dynamics 3 units
Human Sexuality 3 units
Introduction to Counseling 3 units
Theories of Psychotherapy 3 units

Completing the Minor in Psychology reduces a student’s elective units from 31 to 22.