Brian Vang is in our student spotlight today. Brian eased in last year, one class at a time, when he transferred into in the Associate of Arts in Bible and Christian Ministry program. He is now a full time sophomore on his way to completing the program by next year. Let’s get to know Brian…

Q:        Why did you choose to attend California Christian College and why should others choose Cal Christian?
A:        I chose to attend California Christian College because a friend of mine recommended the college. It has been an awesome experience here and I would recommend other students to come here. The environment is very loving. The teachers here are very knowledgeable and are always there to help all of us emotionally and spiritually.

Q:        What church do you actively attend?
A:        Unity Alliance Church

Q:        What ministries are you involved in now that you enjoy?
A:        I am the outreach leader at my church and I work with DMD (Disciple Making Department).

Q:        What are your plans/goals after graduation from California Christian College?
A:        I would love to work with teen challenge and hopefully also be a youth pastor or be in some sort of missions out of the country.

Q:        Which class is your favorite so far and why?
A:         It would have to be Old Testament Foundations because Dr. Powell explained everything so well and every day I was left amazed.

Q:        What language would you most like to learn?
A:        I would love to learn Japanese and Korean.

Q:        If you could go anywhere in the world for vacation, where would you go?
A:        Man, if I could go anywhere for vacation I would love to go to Japan or Hawaii.

Q:        What’s your favorite candy that you can find in the CCC office?
A:        Oh, I love the mint candy in the office whenever it is available. Truth be told, I think I ate all of them.

Q:        What is your favorite meal and who makes it best?
A:        Man, I love tilapia. My brother, who is planning to become a chef, makes a killer tilapia dish.

Q:        What was your favorite toy as a child?
A:        My favorite toy as a child was whatever stick I found on the ground. I preferred that over toys because if I were to break it I can easily replace the stick (because, hahaha, I loved to use them to fight with my brothers as if I was a samurai.)