The forceful exploitation of another; forced labor, bonded labor, marriage, prostitution and even organ removal. These are all parts of modern day slavery, or human trafficking. It is not limited in its scope or geography therefore it is happening right where we live and affects millions of children, women and men across the globe.

Shine A Light On Slavery Day was February 13, 2020 when End It Movement asked everyone to draw a red X on their hand, take a selfie, and post it on social media using #EndItMovement. Their website lists a number of coalition partners and ways to take action to end slavery. It is a daily fight and needs support from everyone throughout the year.

California Christian College is ministry focused therefore we want to spotlight a few of the many organizations and ministries that are local to Fresno. Each one started as a vision of one or two people and over the years has grown into established non-profits with boards, partners, and supporters. Let’s come alongside them in the fight to put an end to modern day slavery. These organizations offer preventative education and volunteer opportunities to use in your churches. If you are not local to Fresno, check online for some in your area.




Disclaimer: California Christian College does not sponsor any particular organization. Always do your own research into companies and non-profits before you pledge funds. Support the causes and organizations that line up with the Bible and your convictions.