Today’s Spotlight is on staff member Jennifer Walley. As with most staff she wears many hats, some being Practical Ministry Coordinator, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, and Administrative Assistant which includes keeping the office supplies and chapel snacks stocked. We also greatly benefit from her decorating skills for events on campus. Let’s learn a little bit more about Jennifer away from the office.

Q:        What church do you actively attend?
A:        Harmony

Q:        What ministries are you involved in now (or in the past) that you enjoy?
A:        I am the worship coordinator and pianist. I also work with the youth.

Q:        What’s the backstory to you being here at Cal Christian?
A:        My husband (Trent) started as Admissions Director and youth ministry professor. We were the dorm supervisors and I worked in the office as well as coordinated chapel music and cooked in the evenings.

Q:        How long have you been at California Christian College?
A:        Almost 7 years

Q:        Other than the Bible, what book has challenged your faith or impacted your life? 
A:        I read The Hiding Place as a teen and will always be amazed at the faith of Corrie ten Boom.

Q:        What do you do in your free time?
A:        decorate, play the piano, go to the mountains

Q:        What is your favorite meal and who makes it best?
A:        Turkey, dressing, and sweet potatoes that my mom makes at Christmas

Q:        Where is your favorite place to visit or vacation?
A:        Visit- Yosemite  Vacation- Hawaii

Q:        Where is one place you haven’t been that you would like to visit or vacation?
A:        Ireland or Scotland