Today we shine the staff spotlight on Joanna Felts.  Although she is nearing the completion of her first year as Vice President for Academic Affairs she is no stranger to California Christian College. We are happy to have her back and taking on the additional teaching schedule in music, missions, ministry, and Bible courses. Along with degrees from Welch and Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary Joanna is a also a pastor’s daughter, pastor’s wife, and ministry coordinator in her church which gives her plenty of book knowledge and life experience. Let’s see what else we can learn about Joanna Felts.

Q:           What church do you actively attend?
A:            I attend the Clovis Free Will Baptist Church

Q:           What ministries are you involved in now (or in the past) that you enjoy? 
A:            I am the Ministries Coordinator there and have been in that position for about 27 years.  I plan for the Christian Education ministries of the church, as well as oversee the preparation for our worship services. In this capacity I’ve also led Women’s Bible Studies and taught in lots of areas in the church.

Q:           What’s the backstory to you being here at California Christian College? 
A:            We actually moved here in 1988 to work at the school.  My husband and I taught classes for three years and we were the cooks as well for a couple of years.  I returned to the school for a little while to help with the Sounds of Joy (the college’s traveling music group) around 2000-2002.  I returned in June of last year to serve as the Vice President of Academics.

Q:           Other than the Bible, what book has challenged your faith or impacted your life?
A:            Max Lucado’s book, Come Thirsty is a wonderful read with lots of great analogies.  Your Daughters Shall Prophesy by Valerie Rempel, Katie Wiebe, and John Toews is also a favorite.

Q:           What do you do in your free time? 
A:            I like to read and work on crafts.  I am making an effort to learn how to paint with watercolor and acrylic paint.

Q:           What is your favorite meal and who makes it best?
A:            My grandmother always made great chicken-n-dumplings.  My mother-in-law did as well.  Now I order them at Cracker Barrel when I have opportunity.  My husband is a wonderful cook and he makes a great Sun-Dried Tomato Bread.  Every year for my birthday, he makes me a cheesecake and those are always wonderful.

Q:           Where is your favorite place to visit for vacation?
A:            The ocean.  I prefer the warm beaches in Florida but am quite happy to hang out on the Pacific Coast, as well.

Q:           Where is one place you haven’t been that you would like to visit on vacation? 
A:            Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland.  These as well as other places like Greece and Southern Italy are definitely on my bucket list.

Q:           What is your favorite ice cream?
A:            Well…now that’s a hard question since pretty much any chocolate ice cream would be on my list as long as there’s no coconut or cherries involved.  However, we’ve recently come across an ice cream by Tillamook called Udderly Chocolate that is becoming a favorite!

Q:           What is your favorite sport, team, and player? Any reason why those are your favorites?
A:            I would have to say the St. Louis Cardinals.  Our family lived in St. Louis when I was a teen and we attended several of their baseball games.  I’m always excited when they get to play in the World Series but of course, it’s even better if they actually win the World Series!