Our student spotlight shines on Senior, Joseph Rivera.  In Fall 2016, Joseph transferred in as a freshman from New York. He has been a leader in the Student Body Government, worship team, and ping pong competitions. He is expecting to complete his Bachelors in Christian Ministry at the end of 2020. Let’s learn a little more about Joseph.

Q:        What church do you actively attend?
A:        I attend Family Restoration Church.

Q:        What ministries are you involved in now (or in the past) that you enjoy?
A:        I am involved in the Worship and Youth Ministries.

Q:        Why did you choose to attend California Christian College and why should others choose Cal Christian?
A:        I chose CCC because I prayed to God what school He wanted me to go to and He confirmed CCC. This school, in the four years that I have been here, has transformed my life, faith, and relationship with Christ to a whole new level. I would recommend this school to those who want the same transformation!

Q:        Which class is your favorite so far and why?
A:        I would say that every class with Dr. Powell is my favorite, but Greek was fun especially seeing the others speak in ‘tongues’.

Q:        What are your plans/goals after graduation from California Christian College?
A:         I honestly don’t really know. I can’t see past that point. A goal that I have is to continue my education in theology and music.

Q:        Other than the Bible, what book has challenged your faith or impacted your life in some way? 
A:        It’s a book called Love Your God with All Your Mind by J. P. Moreland. I felt my brain crack and make scramble eggs in a divine kitchen.  

Q:        What is your favorite book?
A:        It is called On Guard by William Lane Craig, it is an apologetic book.

Q:        Do you play any instruments? Which ones?
A:        Yes, I rock out for Christ on my electric guitar, piano, and a little bit of drums; I also try to sing…I try.

Q:        What is your favorite sport?
A:        I love track and field, running was always an outlet, now I run this race called faith, and it’s the toughest run I have ever tried.

Q:        What language would you most like to learn? Are you fluent in any already?
A:        I would like to learn Hebrew, if Dr. Powell would teach it already! I am fluent in Spanish, Italian (though I think I lost some of it), and Greek.

Q:        If you could go anywhere in the world for vacation, where would you go?
A:        I would go to my wife’s country, Dominican Republic.

Q:        What is your favorite meal and who makes it best?
A:         I enjoy a classic fried chicken with rice and beans, I make it the best!

Q:        What’s your favorite candy that you can find in the CCC office?
A:         Mindy always has my Snickers, but I am seeing Jolly Ranchers here and there so I’m at a crossing. 

Q:        What was your favorite toy as a child?
A:        It was a superman action figure, until I learned that a cape doesn’t give you the ability to fly; I fell really hard.