Today we shine the student spotlight on Violet Douglas. Entering as a freshman in the Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies program, Violet has been with California Christian College for almost two semesters. She is also working for California Christian College as an admissions counselor. We asked a few questions and here are the answers.

Q:         What church are you actively attending?

A:         Bread of Life Church

Q:         What ministries are you involved in now (or in the past) that you enjoy?

A:         I’m involved in the children’s ministry in my church.

Q:         Why did you choose to attend California Christian College?

A:         It was my first time in college, so I wanted to come to a Christian college to better my relationship with God.

Q:         Which class has been the most challenging and why?

A:         Financial Management because I’m not good at saving money, so I have to get into new habits

Q:         Which class is your favorite so far and why?

A:         New Testament Foundations because there are so many new things I’m learning about the Bible

Q:        What’s your favorite candy that you can find in the CCC office? 

A:        definitely a Payday from Mindy’s office

Q:        What are your plans/goals after graduation from California Christian College?

A:         I would like to transfer to Fresno Pacific University and continue on to be an elementary school teacher.

Q:       What is your favorite meal and who makes it best?

A:       My grandma makes the BEST stroganoff ever with mashed potatoes, hamburger meat and homemade gravy…it’s the best!!! 

Q:      If you could go anywhere in the world for vacation, where would you go? 

A:      Japan, because they have a cherry blossom tree festival in the spring….and I’m in love with cherry blossom trees.